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Login Errors

Error Message: Your email address already associated with an account

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  • If you are sure that you did not already create an account in RentCafe (for ANY agency or property), select Not ###? A blank version of the Account Information section appears. Complete the Account Information section using a different email than the last one you tried.

Error Message: Invalid Key, Please Try Again. This means that you clicked the Reset Password Link in an expired reset password email. Check your inbox for the most recent reset password email from RentCafe.

Error Message: Invalid Registration Code

Error Message: Registration Error: A user is already registered with this code, use another code or contact the housing agency or property. Please call the Waitlist Hotline at 503-846-4772.

Error Message: Registration Error: You have already registered with our housing agency using registration code: #####. Please login to continue.

Error Message: Registration Error: Social Security Number does not match our records. Please call the Waitlist Hotline at 503-846-4772.

Error Message: User with this SSN already exists

RentCafe will tell you your registration code, which will begin with “2424-T” Please click the link to continue and use the code provided to Register.


How do I apply? After Registering or Logging In, select “Apply to Waiting Lists”.

How do I view my status? After Registering or Logging In, select “My Waiting List Status”

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